• Augmented reality smart glasses
    Improve Workplace Productivity With Augmented Reality
    Mobile provides information to employees at their point of need. Smart glasses can use augmented reality to relay that information so workers can do their jobs better.
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  • New Mobile Learning Book
    Mastering Mobile Learning (Wiley, ASTD Press) provides a roadmap for creating the most effective learning content, strategies and applications possible.

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  • Sales Enablement White Paper
    A survey of more than 100 sales enablement tools shows their most common features, as well as what organizations want out of them.
  • ASTD Infoline - Leveraging Mobile Learning for Sales Enablement
    Use Mobile Learning to Boost Sales

    Help your sales team close more deals. This ASTD Infoline written by Float offers a complete guide on mobile learning for sales enablement.

  • Mobile learning case study
    Video: Mobile Learning Case Study

    We all forget, but mobile learning at the point of need helps us remember. Watch how bulldozer drivers, for example, can use mobile to complete a checklist of safety procedures.