Custom Development

Float Mobile Learning has developed a strong suite of custom mobile learning applications for Fortune 500 clients thanks to its proprietary S3D™ process.

Custom Development

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Float Mobile Learning Strategy


During this phase, Float Mobile Learning will work closely with you to understand and confirm the overall and specific project scope, the technical and functional requirements for the mobile app, and the project parameters for schedule and budget. Prototypes or proofs of concept are created during this phase.

Float Mobile Learning Design


The goal of the Design phase is to identify how best to design and implement the mobile user experience for the target audience. Float works with your organization to draft, revise, and ultimately approve the key design documents that will support production in the Develop phase later on. The Design phase includes crafting the look and feel of the mobile application through wireframes and scripts, as well as designing the functionality, the user interface, the user experience, and the interactive and content design. Float also begins the high-level determination of key technical architecture features such as security, hosting and distribution.

Float Mobile Learning Develop


Building the mobile app happens after carefully crafting a strategy and designing the solution. The application will be built to the design, instructional, functional and technical specifications of the design documents. Float has developed applications for all of the major mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android, and stays current with new releases and trends such as cross-platform frameworks. Float’s development team works closely with the design team, the technical architecture team, and the quality assurance team to build a mobile solution that meets the project parameters.

Deliver Float Mobile Learning


Making sure your organization’s requirements have been met is of utmost importance during this phase. Following the Strategy, Design and Develop phases, the desired app is implemented and distributed throughout your organization in a secure fashion. To ensure successful delivery, Float provides clients with documentation in order to facilitate internal support, and also makes arrangements for hosting, ongoing content maintenance and governance.