Float provides a variety of services to its clients, all with a focus on leveraging the power and capabilities of mobile learning to advance business goals and improve employee performance.


Float Mobile Learning - Content Conversion

Content Conversion

Float Mobile Learning can help bring your organization’s best content over to mobile, whether it’s from desktop eLearning, instructor-led training or any other source. Content can be converted for mobile learning apps, mobile Web and your learning management system (LMS).

Float Mobile Learning Consulting Diagnostics


Float assesses the current mobile learning environment within your organization’s market segment. Float also guides you to understand how mobile learning can support your organization’s overall business strategies and goals.

Float Mobile Learning Consulting, Getting Smarter

Getting Smarter

Float provides expertise and experience to help bring clarity to clients for a particular situation or decision. On occasion, you may want to ask questions, frame up ideas, or just check on certain key decision points that may arise as you begin your mobile effort.

Float offers three standard packages for those just getting started with mobile learning. Visit the mobile learning consulting packages to find out more.

Float Mobile Learning Analytics


Float assists each organization in identifying key metrics that support business objectives and determine how those metrics can be captured and assessed. Float evaluates the impact on performance by collecting data during and after the use of the mobile apps or other mobile solutions. The data collection is accomplished using a variety of techniques, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, learning analytics, Web analytics and more. Float looks to correlate as much data as possible to monetary values in order to calculate the ROI of your mobile learning initiative.

Float Mobile Learning Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

Following the precepts of lean practices, the proof of concept is a cost-effective way of testing key features and UX at the front end of the project so that time and resources are used effectively to create key features for clients and/or end users. Depending on the project, the proof of concept could consist of features such as a connection test to an LMS from an app, a test of a successful learning outcome, or a simple port of CMS or LCMS content to a mobile delivery system.

Float Mobile Learning consulting prototyping


Float expands on the proof of concept by building a test model of the mobile solution. This prototype allows for live testing to confirm that it meets your organization’s vision, can integrate with your organization’s other systems, and meets your business requirements but does not include all features, just enough for testing. The final mobile application will be fully featured.

Float Mobile Learning Strategy


Float will work with your organization’s key stakeholders to develop a mobile learning strategy. Often, clients seek to link high-level business objectives with learning strategies, determine how best to integrate mobile, and create a specific plan of action to design, develop and implement the identified mobile solution. Float works with you to create the strategy that achieves your business objectives.

Float Mobile Learning Surveying


Float conducts surveys for your enterprise to define who your target audience is and how best to deliver the requisite knowledge to them. Once identified, Float will survey your target audience to make sure that the enterprise’s mobile learning strategy aligns with their personality types, their work approach, and their familiarity with all things mobile.

Float Learning Consulting Security

System Architecture and Security

Float works with, or independently from, your organization’s IT group to design, develop and implement a mobile architecture to meet your requirements. The fundamental concepts are developed by following a rigorous process to establish stakeholder goals and other key benchmarks, metrics and methodologies. Float also works with you to secure proprietary data according to the types of data being used, transferred or stored. Even in scenarios where a company’s devices are lost or stolen, stakeholders can rest assured knowing that their data is safe.

If you are interested in a Float consulting arrangement, contact the Float sales team.