Case Studies

Float Mobile Learning Consulting


Float Mobile Learning provides mobile learning consulting for a number of organizations. Consultation engagements are focused on delivering measurable value to your organization. The following case studies demonstrate how Float’s expertise and experience have helped the clients.

Caterpillar Float Mobile Learning


Float helped define a mobile strategy for a division within Caterpillar, the world’s leading heavy-equipment manufacturer.

The Caterpillar Safety Services’ website,, features safety information such as virtual walkarounds, interactives, as well as videos, checklists and electronic documents. CSS looked to Float to offer mobile content delivery of this information.

Following a definition of project goals and expectations, Float team members conducted a needs analysis with stakeholders that consisted of polling and researching users on how they consumed content.

In total, Float put forth more than 20 recommendations. Six were ranked as optimal. These six recommendations included formatting existing media for mobile delivery, developing a mobile-optimized site for, and creating checklists, among other options.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of mobile learning, Float built a prototype application to show safety points to check on the tractors.

Float Mobile Learning Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

In this series of conference calls and web meetings, Float personnel discussed mobile learning advice and counsel. CCHMC stakeholders shared what they wanted to cover on the call prior to each meeting.

Topics covered in these virtual sessions included:

  • Setting goals
  • Change management
  • Understanding context
  • Instructional design
  • Graphical user interface design
  • Technical requirements
  • Native app vs. mobile Web
  • LMS / CMS integration
  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Mobile application management (MAM)
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Maintenance and support

Contact Float for more information on mobile learning consulting.

Float Mobile Learning Custom Development

Content Conversion

Float Mobile Learning can help bring your organization’s best content over to mobile, whether it’s from desktop eLearning, instructor-led training or any other source. Content can be converted for mobile learning apps, mobile Web and your learning management system (LMS).

Float Mobile Learning My American Farm


Mobile conversion of eLearning content is not only possible, but viable due to Float’s attention to superb usability and performance.

Vivayic’s free My American Farm app is based on the My American Farm website, which provides 16 games in an effort to teach children about the importance of farmers and agriculture.

Because each game was originally designed in Flash, players had been unable to enjoy them using mobile devices.

Float converted five of the games so that children could play them from any device with or without an Internet connection.

Ensuring usability was of utmost importance. The original games were developed with the intention that players would be using a mouse. These interactive objects had to be inspected and tweaked to ensure players could engage with them through a touchscreen.

Additionally, a single code base needed to support both iOS and Android operating systems, which includes wide range of devices, resolutions, versions of operating systems and available system memory for playback.

More than 1,000 people downloaded My American Farm within its first month of distribution on both platforms.

Float Learning Custom App Development

Custom App Development

Float Mobile Learning has a history of developing custom mobile applications for industry leaders in publishing, technology, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. For each project, Float follows its thorough and time-tested S3D™ process to deliver an engaging and effective experience.

Float Mobile Learning Dupont Pioneer

DuPont Pioneer

DuPont Pioneer has worked with Float Mobile Learning on designing and building mobile applications that provide key information to Pioneer growers that are literally “in the field.”

Following are two of the custom mobile applications built specifically for this leading force in agriculture.

Pioneer Planting Rate Estimator

Growers can use the Pioneer Planting Rate Estimator to examine historical yield response curves to help estimate an optimum planting rate for Pioneer-brand corn products.

In Float’s mobile agriculture environmental scans, 94 percent of farmers were said to have a smartphone or mobile phone. DuPont Pioneer understood the need for their farmers to receive performance support in the field.

In this app, growers can learn the estimated economic planting rate and estimated harvest population for maximum yield about their particular hybrid family. Each estimate is displayed in two formats – a chart and a graph.

Growers can also edit the seed cost and grain price to their liking, favorite specific hybrids, email rates to others, and print the data.

Pioneer Trade Show Application

Pioneer sales representatives on the road are always up to date about the company’s complex and ever-changing product line thanks to Float’s custom trade show application.

These sales reps attend dozens of trade shows and events annually. Using an iPad, reps can quickly access sales materials specific to the customer’s or the prospect’s agricultural needs.

Reps are able to quickly retrieve information with just a few taps, and then immediately contact the customer or prospect with relevant sales information on the spot from the floor.

By using the mobile application, Pioneer and Float promote a green approach to trade shows. This sustainable, reusable app means that reps no longer need to haul cases of more than 50 different product brochures to their events.

Float Mobile Learning Quizzle

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Brand

When your sales workforce travels more than 80 percent of the time, adopting a mobile strategy is a no-brainer.

That’s exactly why one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, located in the Midwest, has worked with Float since 2010 to maintain industry leadership in their highly competitive industry. Because they always have access to just-in-time information, the pharma sales reps depend upon their mobile apps when they’re on the go.

Float has developed three types of mobile applications for this pharma organization’s sales enablement.

  • Flashcard knowledge tool – Reps are quizzed on their knowledge of various drugs throughout the enterprise with this game. They can do this while waiting to meet with medical professionals, for example.
  • Sales objection-handling – Reps in the field often encounter resistance when trying to sell their product. By leveraging real-life scenarios in the game, the reps are better prepared in a live situation.
  • Product information – The pharma company places various reference materials such as documents, images and videos, in this app for sales reps to call up at any time.

Overall, analytics show that sales reps are using these apps for up to 30 minutes at a time. In the flashcard app, sales reps tend to return to the game within less than a day. The game is also intuitive to the users since the rules measure less than 1 percent of content consumed.

For more information on developing a custom application for your organization, contact Float Mobile Learning.

Float Mobile Learning FS Yield Maximizer


Thousands of Farm Progress Show attendees have engaged with the series of GROWMARK’s Yield Maximizer apps originally developed by Float Mobile Learning in 2011.

GROWMARK is a $10-billion regional agriculture cooperative that serves more than 100,000 farm, commercial and residential customers throughout North America. Stakeholders worked with Float to develop a series of four mobile games to draw visitors to their exhibitor space that aligned with the company’s main products: seed, grain systems, energy and agronomy.

Each game featured an iPad that connected to a physical object. Based on the user’s interaction with the object, the results would display on a large touchscreen monitor.

For example, when users “emptied” the seed bag, the seeds would flow seamlessly from the iPad to the monitor, raining down onto the dirt shown on the touchscreen. Based on the conditions of the soil in the game, the user received feedback on how well the crops grew.

The Yield Maximizer apps all had a common user experience. Players felt comfortable moving from game to game because of the similar ways in which the technology was used.

In addition to the seed bag, iPads were attached to an applicator that let users spray pests or weeds in the field, as well as an FS jug so users could fill up a tank of liquid.

As a result, these mobile agriculture apps sparked conversations among many of the 70-acre show’s more than 100,000 visitors.

Float Mobile Learning Intel


Float developed one of the first apps for Intel’s Atom Z2640 processor for the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in order for expo attendees to try out both the new processor, as well as Android’s brand-new operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.

The display, which stretched 30 feet long and stood 7 feet tall, featured photos contributed by users all around the world. Using the custom Android application on one of four available Android tablets, conference-goers could then which images to display in a scrolling stream that ran across 32 high-resolution 40-inch monitors.

Aspects of the app included:

  • Social interaction – Users contributed photos from their mobile devices to the cloud
  • Real-time moderation – Float developers were on site to provide a level of editorial control over the types of images that appeared in the stream
  • Dynamically generated word clouds – Results of surveys completed at the event were aggregated into word clouds displayed in line with the images
  • Server-side processing – Both the clouds and images were composited on the fly
  • Cutting-edge technology – Intel’s Core i7 processor powered each of the 32 monitors, resulting in an 8000×2000-pixel display that ran at 60 frames per second

By using the latest technology, in conjunction with Float’s expertise in trade show solutions, this interactive experience helped cement Intel’s industry leadership.

Wiley Publishing Leadership Challenge Float Mobile Learning

Wiley Publishing

The Leadership Challenge Mobile Tool (and its Lite counterpart) lends performance support to leaders who aim to be productive while on the move. This mobile app, available for all iOS devices, is a companion to The Leadership Challenge book series, authored by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • Suggestions for helpful practice routines
  • Real case studies showcasing how leaders leverage The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
  • Brief author videos
  • A request-and-receive feedback process helps track and measure overall leadership performance. This allows leaders to easily
  • An inspirational quote of the day
  • A news feed with the latest leadership advice
  • Sharing via social media

This form of digital publishing represents a shift in how readers can interact with their favorite content, allowing them to integrate their learning into their mobile life. Ubiquitous mobile devices also encourage publishers repurpose their print books for interactive publications.

Wiley remains an innovator in the publishing industry and Float is pleased to have played a role in that innovation.

Float Mobile Learning Training

Training & Education

Float Mobile Learning conducts mobile learning training and provides educational tools and publications for organizations and individuals interested in mobile learning.

Float Mobile Learning Coventry Healthcare

Coventry Health Care

Float Mobile Learning and Coventry Health Care worked together to bring a mobile learning expert to a Coventry retreat.

Chad Udell, Float’s managing director, delivered an overview of key strategic thinking on mobile. The presentation was tailored specifically for Coventry, which ranked third in the health insurance and managed care category of Fortune’s list of “World’s Most Admired Companies” for 2013.

Following the presentation, Coventry’s senior stakeholders participated in an exclusive discussion with Chad.

Additionally, digital copies of Float’s mobile health environmental scans and Chad’s book, Learning Everywhere, were provided to attendees.

If you are interested in having Float experts on site at your organization for advice and counsel, contact the Float sales team.

Retail Float Mobile Learning

Custom Enterprise Training Sessions

One of North America’s largest retailers teamed with Float Mobile Learning and the ASTD to bring a private version of the ASTD Mobile Learning Certificate Program to the company’s headquarters.

Float’s facilitators covered similar material that is offered in the public workshop, all conveniently located on site.

Organizations interested in bringing the ASTD Mobile Learning Certificate Program to their location can contact ASTD.